Taught by Lisa Ayoub-Lumaban

Jupiter Piano Lessons

A new way to hone and develop Musical creativity

About Lisa

Master Pianist

Lisa Ayoub-Lumaban holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the renowned Berklee College Of Music School in Boston, Massachusetts. While at Berklee College of Music, her major was in songwriting. She has also studied music with some of the finest jazz instructors in the world. Lisa has over 25 years of teaching experience with students ranging from kindergarten age to retired seniors. She has taught a diversity of styles from classical to ragtime to jazz improvisation. Lisa is a member of the Music Teachers National Association.

The Process

How It Works

Jupiter Piano Lessons provides tailored lessons to students of all ages - young and old. Former students have gone on to prestigious schools such as Bak Middle School of the Arts and Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Parent participation in children's lessons is strongly encouraged. The studio is located in the quiet confines of Lisa's home. Lessons are provided from a Yamaha grand piano. The studio is equipped with recording equipment and students have available to them immediate feedback on their performances. Audio files of the recordings are available upon request. Jupiter Piano Lessons believes that making music fun and enjoyable is the secret behind a successful music education.

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The Creative Angle

The JPL Approach

The development of personal creativity is what distinguishes us from most piano curricula that is available today. Musical creativity is honed and developed in each of our students. Most teachers would shy away from improvisation. But we can teach even a young student to compose an original melody! All students are well grounded in the fundamentals of music theory. Mastery of scales, chords, music  reading and basic classical repertoire are emphasized in the beginning.

Students are then slowly introduced to the worlds of jazz improvisation and/or songwriting. Advanced students work on more complicated pieces from a variety of musical genres. We tailor the curriculum to each student's individual needs.

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Pricing & Scheduling


30 Min


45 Min


60 Min

The first lesson is FREE and is considered to be an evaluation lesson.

Lessons are paid on a semester basis (approximately 15-16 weeks each).

There are no registration fees when signing up for lessons.  A semester basis is now being used to encourage students to follow through with assignments.

There is one Saturday per semester in which makeup lessons will occur.